An Angel in Sin City

When I was on a journey to drive across the country from California to New Jersey, I had a detour in Las Vegas. I had a couple of friends who lived there. I have not seen them since high school, so it gave us a chance to bond and catch up. I ended up staying there for 5 months. I worked a seasonal job at Springs Preserve.

Springs Preserve has event facilities, surrounded by nature, away from the Las Vegas strip. It holds formal events like weddings, so we were required to dress formally. I have never been a server before and I didn’t know how to put on a tie. I never had to do it before. There was this girl, she was very friendly and caring. She stood out among the rest. I didn’t ask for her help, but she came to my rescue. She taught me how to put on my tie. She even did it for me the first time. The way I saw it back then, she was once new in that place, so she knew what it was like to be the new person. It could be scary and awkward. She made it her mission to make the new ones feel…

Where I’m Supposed To Be

The airport shuttle was running very late. It would take 30 minutes to get to Rome’s FCO airport and there was only an hour left before my flight to London. I scheduled to be picked up 2 hours before like I was supposed to. 
I asked the hotel receptionist to call the shuttle company for the second time. She must have sensed that I was worried because she started to comfort me by saying, “Don’t worry, everything will be alright.” She was sweet, and talented too. She spoke 3 different languages, Italian, French and English. Somehow, her words of comfort worked a little. Still, I was a bit surprised when I finally made it to the airport to find out that I was not too late. I really thought I was going to miss my flight.

When I travel, I choose to stay at a hotel close to the train or bus station, so that I don’t have to pay a lot of money on taxis. In the same way, I choose to stay close to the grocery stores, so that I don’t have to pay a lot of money on eating at restaurants. I did not t…

Start Living Your Dreams

I had a 7-hour layover in Stockholm for my flight to Barcelona. It was enough time to visit the old city and come back to the airport. I was on my way to purchase a train ticket when I realized my shoulder bag was missing... I have never been so scared in my life. I felt stuck. Without a passport, I cannot go back home to the US and I cannot move forward to my final destination in Spain either.

I froze. I could not breathe. It did not make sense how I could have lost it. Whenever I travel and get on the plane, I usually carry two bags. A big hand bag or a tote, and a small shoulder bag. The small shoulder bag is where I put the important stuff, like my passport, so I could take it with me wherever I go. The only thing I could think of was to go back to the arrival gate. I went back to the sitting area and looked around, but it was nowhere to be found. I saw the lady who sat beside me on the plane and asked her if she has seen it, and unfortunately, she said no. There was a deli stand r…

Tour Away

It has been almost 3 years since I last traveled abroad to Barcelona. I had no intention of going back to Europe anytime soon, but all of a sudden I had to make plans to travel soon. It was a favor to someone dear to me whose brother left their country when they were younger, but never got in touch with the family since then. He was seen on YouTube, working at InGalera in Milan.

Forgotten Dream

Have you ever made a silent wish and deep down you knew it was never going to come true? It was just wishful thinking. You forget all about it. Many years pass by. Then one day, the Universe starts sending you clues to let you know your wish is about to come true, but you remain clueless until it actually happens. At least, that’s what happened to me. 
The clues started appearing in July 2013 when I took my kids to LA. I decided to take them because they were still little the last time we went to Universal Studios, so they probably did not remember it anymore. I also wanted to try one of the bus tours. We took the tour called, "Los Angeles City, Movie Stars' Home & Beach Tour." One of the stops was VeniceBeach. I have never been there before and was not familiar with it at all, so it was not what I expected. I felt lonely being there. The kids, being teenagers as they were, they wanted to explore on their own and they left me alone.
A month later, I went to Las Vegas f…