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Tour Away

It has been almost 3 years since I last traveled abroad to Barcelona. I had no intention of going back to Europe anytime soon, but all of a sudden I had to make plans to travel soon. It was a favor to someone dear to me whose brother left their country when they were younger, but never got in touch with the family since then. He was seen on YouTube, working at InGalera in Milan.  When my mother found out I was going to Milan, she wanted to go with me since she has not been to Europe at all. There are no direct flights to Milan from my home airport, only to Paris, Barcelona and Rome. Since I have been to both  Barcelona   and  Rome , I decided to travel to Paris first. Switzerland, which I have not been to either is next to Italy, so I decided to travel there too. I started planning for a 3 country trip: France/Switzerland/Italy. There was this lakeside villa in Italy where I took my mom to. You can’t find it on Viators, it’s not a popular destination. I actually