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Forgotten Dream

Have you ever made a silent wish and deep down you knew it was never going to come true? It was just wishful thinking. You forget all about it. Many years pass by. Then one day, the Universe starts sending you clues to let you know your wish is about to come true, but you remain clueless until it actually happens. At least, that’s what happened to me.  The clues started appearing in July 2013 when I took my kids to  LA . I decided to take them because they were still little the last time we went  to Universal Studios, so they probably did not remember it anymore. I also wanted to try one of the bus tours. We took the tour called, "Los Angeles City, Movie Stars' Home & Beach Tour." One of the stops was  Venice   Beach. I have never been there before and was not familiar with it at all, so it was not what I expected. I felt lonely being there. The kids, being teenagers as they were, they wanted to explore on their own and they left me alone.   A month later, I